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Kenduri season

Wednesday, 21 December 2011
yes people, it is december and it is holiday! so this means lots and lots of weddingsss.... my cousins r all grown up and suddenly each n every one of them r getting engaged n married. next year, there'll be 4 big weddings to go so my cousins, my sis, mom n I went to Jackel to buy some kain to make clothes according to the colour themes of each wedding. they were choosing quite expensive kain for someone at my age to buy but suitable for their ages so i did nothing but just look around. it was pure boredom! so this is what i looked like in that shop, alone.....bored to death...

luckily my cousin's son was there so i just kept playing with him. he is just pure cutie! the next day was one of my cousin's wedding n i was the flower girl :) frankly speaking, it was my 1st time. haha...
sorry, it's a bit blur.
it was a pure tiring day because i was also on duty to give away the door gifts. there were about 1000 guests but of course my sis n others also helped. but still, it was a major tiring n at the same time fun.

after most of the guest went back, we gathered around n eat some more, among our close families. its good to be able to meet my families again once in awhile. i cant stand seeing my cousin's son so cute playing without carrying him. so a took him in my hand n played along with him. yup, he's the same lil guy as at the Jackel.
He is the BOY! cute!!
i'm excited to gather around like this again on the next wedding. i always love d loving family atmosphere. nothing is as precious as family love so appreciate it.

 <3 Ja


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