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Chemist Study Group....suppose to

Sunday, 2 October 2011
Yesterday i went out with my best friend Anis and her friends which is also my friends, Anati and Azri. We were suppose to study chemistry together and trust me i sucks alot in chemistry. The public library was a total compact! I can see a few groups of form 5s from convent, and a few groups of my juniors from form 4. There were also a few students from my tuition and also Anis's tuition. well, I arrived 1st and I went searching for a place for my group of 4. at last, i found a table of four but in the kids section. the size of the chairs and table, well it's perfect for kids 5 years and below. but what else can we do? we set and it wassuper crowded.

this is the view from under the table. fyi, the grey one is me. :)

Being the person i am, who always take action when needed, i went upstairs(which is for upper forms) and wonder around for a place. i ask i few people who i see a potential in leaving the table. but, ii was not my luck. there were also a few groups of people wondering around like me too. at last, i saw a group standing up but one of the girls haven't left the table. i quickly go and ask her whether she's still using the place because i saw two guys who are also searching for a place to sit, walking quickly to the girls direction. then, she said no and i end up getting that place in stead of the others. =) so proud of myself.
here are Azri a.k.a lemon and Anis, happily sitting in and actual adult chair. 
we went out for lunch at McDonalds and i bought my 1st ring ever somehow and we went back in.
anati who knows much better then me in chemistry tries to help, and she did alot. Thanks Anat! aka Gonglion.

both of us end up getting confused... hehe
me trying to get anati back on tract from chatting with azri and anis. If you notice, there's the cheese burger guy(because he wears a shirt looking like a cheese burger and making us hungry) behind who looks alot like taylor lautner... woot!! but the real taylor looks better. Taylor Lautner!!(the real one, ok) The best part is, Anis knows him from tuition. and i think i've met him before. probably, he doesn't remember me anymore, and i don't care at all. 

 seriously, i was pretty excited with my new ring. heeee... don't blame me.
we chat a lot actually then studying. which is a bad thing. next week, i'll be attending INTI's tecnique for answering SPM if there's a place for me. I hope I can go!


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