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Thursday, 12 January 2012
sorry peeps, yesterday i was in a rush to go back home. so yesterday, kak farah had to stay back for a late meeting until night time. she gave me some money for my dinner n also her sons' too. so otw home, i stop by at the Giant nearby n bought some doughnuts at J. Co for the kids. that was for tea of course n i called Pizza Hut Delivery(PHD as they call it now) for dinner. they were awesome!! 
it is called the tradisional crush, if i'm not mistaken. pepperoni n super supreme.. yum yum...
n those part on the left that's missing, yeah the kids ate it. i was bathing when the pizza arrived. so this is all that's left for me to put in the blog. haha..

then this morning, i woke up at 5.45 to go to morning market. all the stuffs were fresh n i also met my aunt there, kak farah's mother. then we went back n arrived already at 7. as Asad ask me 'aunty, y is your hair is like a lion?" it gave me a slap in the face. i told kak farah about my hair problem n she gave me a hair mask. so as soon as i reach home, i shampoo n put on the mask. i blowed my hair n get ready for work.
well, we didnt go straight to the office. kak farah have to find a wardrobe for her black tie dinner tonight n so she took me along to Pavillion.
this is her trying on shoes at Giuseppe Zonetti. it was my 1st time entering that shop for sure.
the cheapest pair i can get there was rm3000. i was like whaaaattttt???? so dont mention about the most expensive there.
we(means kak farah buying, i was just there searching something for her) end up not getting anything there because of limitted choice n size. the we move on to cityhill which is just across the road. we entered Valentino to find a dress but d jewels catch our eyes.
they were BEAUTIFUL but it was too vogue-ish..
so we didnt buy anything there too. we went upstairs to Red Valentino n get the dresses that were reserved for her.

then, we get back to our car n she drop me at the office. she had to rush to the salloon n it was already 2pm. i, too rushed to starbucks n buy a sandwich there as my lunch. i end up eating lunch at my desk because i was really really late for work. haha... no one could say anything, even me! ^.^ hehehe... am having the best time of my life living with kak farah. i share as many happiness with u guys through this n hope u enjoy it too!

<3 Ja


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