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Thursday, 22 September 2011
Yes, I'm the girl who takes biology. Yes, I'm a Convent girl. and yes, I hated biology. who loves biology anyways?! Biology is a total boring n require a lot of reading subject. well, you will totally change your mind when you go to Mohan's. He's the best, and i mean THE BEST BIO TEACHER EVER!! He really teach EVERYTHING in the book that you could ever find. even though he is that good, it would be a lie if i tell you that i never felt sleepy in his class. That is the power of biology, everyone. that is to make people sleeeeepppyyy..... If your taking biology, take up Mohan's class. u won't regret it.

He's the man. He like to draw diagrams which is very hard for all of us to copy in our paper.
If you were in my class, you can always see me laughing all the time n bugging my friends. That means that I'm sleepy. I bug my friends a lot when I'm sleepy so that I won't fell asleep.

giving an innocent smile to my best friend after bugging her. hehehe... I love bugging ayee cause that my hobby. she bugs me too anyway so that not a big deal between us. All of the teachers who teach us know our 'problem' with each other very well. LOVE HER!


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