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Wednesday, 21 December 2011
sorry peeps.. I've been busy with moving all this while after SPM. with all the packing and traveling back and fort from Alor Setar to KL to Terengganu and all... it's very very tiring and boring. :(

so now I'm in Terengganu! relaxing at my aunt's house. but it is monsoon season now here and it is really really cccooolllddd.... i'm freezing here day time. but i enjoy it. it bring a calmness atmosphere and cool breeze. 

anyways, now I'm using blackberry already! i got it unintentionally. haha... this is how it went. my dad bought a new BB which is the bold 4 so he passes down his BB torch to my brother and so my brother passes down his BB curve to me : D I never imagined to even get a BB of my own. yeay!

now, what i'm doing is just watching korean dramas. seems to be enjoying it a lot! especially Running Man. it's a game show where they would a lot of exciting games among celebs. lots of fun! sometimes, i also run along with them! haha...
this is the casts. i loves the 'monday couple'. haha.. they r just super funny! hope u'll like it too. try to watch it.

til then,
<3 Ja


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