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Thursday, 9 February 2012
after complainting about my hair n see me waking up looking like a lion, kak farah could stand seeing my hair in that condition already. so yesterday we left the office early n went straight to the salloon. i had my hair treatment n she had her wash. well, i knew my hair was very dry but not until the most horrible stage. i was shocked when the hair stylist said that my hair is 100% dry! it was a total punch in the face man. he asked me what shampoo did i use n i told me i keep changing from one product to another coz they were not working. all of them was for dry hair n dry care, i tried them all n my hair was still dry. i used Loreal n currently Dove. but after this treatment, i must use d shampoo that was given.

this was went the were applying the kera treatment n after applying, they iron my hair so that the sollution will be absorb faster. they gave me a hair mask for me use after shampooing d next day which is today. 
when we reach home, i was shocked that my hair was really straight. i've never seen my hair in that condition before.

frankly speaking, the smell of that solution was horrible! it smell like a cat just peed on my hair! waaeeeekkk!! i cant stand the smell but i have too was my hair tomorrow morning. i woke up a few times last nite because a few of my hair was in my face n the smell was strong enough to wake me up. a serious foul smell! well, at least i dont wake up looking like a lion anymore right?

so this morning i wake up n shampoo my hair plus wear the mask as instructed. i blow dry my hair n get ready for work. kak farah was in a hurry because she have to attend a meeting. i'm sooo happy that my hair is so healthy now! a really huge difference n easier to manage. so this is me having my breakfast at my table in my new healthy hair. =) just a muffin with nescafe mocha. 

n now my stomach is grawning because of the mocha. uurggghhhh... see u next time then with more update.

<3 Ja


  1. Even Neynna said...:

    I seriously envy you girl. At this age you get to wear nice dresses, went to those celeb event and of course getting a shopping trip anytime you like. You are just lucky sparking star1! xoxo

  1. Sparking star said...:

    dont envy me babe coz it's just another phase of life where i'm 'on top of the wheel'. n u r going to go through it too someday, trust me =) despite this happiness, i'm really greatful but at the same time, scared coz i'm afraid that can't take the fall.

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