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running man fever

Friday, 23 December 2011
I'm officially addicted to running man. seriously this show is really fun to watch! it's funny and u can see celebs in action. and so last night my dad took me n mom to his office coz he needs to get some stuffs done. i brought my laptop n thought of watching running man there using the wifi. but i can't get through it. my mom was browsing through her ipad n my dad when out to find something. i was bored so i go through my dad's drawer. i opened it and saw a walkie talkie. it immediately remind me of running man! so i took it out n play running man on my own for awhile. haha.... at least i got something to do right?
when i see this picture again, i regretted not wearing my dad's jumpsuit at the back. it will look more real if i do so. hahaha...
running down the hallway. haha... luckily no one was there except for us.

my dad works at the oil and gas company. the branch here in terengganu has something to do with patronas too but i don't really know how it works. my dad don't talk much about it.
this place here is called Paka. along the road here, on ur left n right u are able to see abnormal structures or in another word, factories of oil n gas production.
this is how it looks during night time. fyi, this is just a small part of those structures.
no people, this is not for christmas decoration. 
and this is how it looks during day time.
so this is a tiny part of my world to be shared to all of u. yeah, i like to fool around sometimes when i'm bored. haha.. if u know me, u'll get used to it.

<3 Ja


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