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The Make Over

Sunday, 8 January 2012
as all of u may know, my cousin that i'm staying with is a total fashionista. and so she did some make over to me. for the 1st day of work, she bought me 2 pairs of high heels for me to wear to work. yeah its my 1st time wearing heels! but today i'm used to it already. 
wearing this right now

gonna wear this next week :D

last friday, we went to A Cut Above to wash our hair n do her mani/padi. but i end up cutting my hair. haha.. i love it though its a bit awkward for me. so this is how i look like now.

this morning, i went into my cousin's room. she said 'put some make up on, u'll look better' and i replied 'i dont have one. i just have a compact powder'. then she said 'sit down here' n so the make over reach the climax. she put on a full make up! channel foundation, bobbi brown eyeshadows, mac n so on... i turn out walking into d office looking like this.

oh yeah, my hair is a bit messy because i just had my shampoo this morning. i woke up at 7.30 n went jogging around the neighbourhood. healthy leaving people! and also, i've moved to the 32nd floor n it's freezing here! my cousin got me a Warehouse cardigan which i'm wearing right now. i wont buy it for sure cause it cost near RM300.. Thanks kak farah!! :*

<3 Ja


  1. umairah jasni said...:

    weh suke kasut ko~~~

  1. umairah jasni said...:

    cam kasut miss a pon ada gak aku tngok~~

  1. sparking star said...:

    haha.. dah la rambut mcm miss A dah kan? aigoo~

  1. AnnTan said...:

    WOO!!! Syaza, sorry yar..gonna link you soon...wer you get this awesome layout? LOVE IT

  1. sparking star said...:

    it's ok.. i dont remember la. long time ad. hehe.. i just search in google for blog wallpaper kut.. thanks!

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