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Jelly Beans Horror!

Thursday, 29 September 2011
Last night was all about pink. The Convent girls were in pink as if we were supporting Breast Cancer. haha... not only the convent girls, but including d motorcycle.
my pink best friend with her pink Icon. As she put it, the sexy owner n the sexy motor. (sexy as in very stylish, not THAT particular sexy)

And then, there are the others.....in pink... again.
in front is Hema and Moon, behind from left is 'Evil' Grace, Nicole, Ayee with her sexy Icon, Me and Dar happily in pink. :D

The class was going on normally until Dar takes out a box of Jelly Beans with multi-flavour. Nicole and Grace decided not to taste it, while me, Hanny, Hema and Ayee do it otherwise. Frankly speaking, MOST of them were HORRIBLE!! The four of us were just laughing while eating them. We keep on tasting other flavours and hoping that the next one won't be as worst as before. unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. The only flavour that we can't resist is the Cherry. 

from top left is Cherry, Milk, blueberry, pear, then to bottom form left is don't know what, another one I don't know, coconut, antibiotic(as hanny and i call it) and water melon. quoted from Hanny, 'demam, makan yang antibiotic tu'. quoted from me, 'sapa rasa tulang dia rapuh, makan yang susu tu'. this quotes makes us laugh like nuts.

The MOST HORRIBLE flavour which i advise never to taste is the Milk. this is the flavour that keeps the four of us laughing until the end of the tuition. who ever eat this will give that expression of discuss on her face, and that's what makes us laugh. Hanny even fill like puking. The other thing that keeps us laughing is the smell of your breath after u eat it. of course it smells milk! and it's disgusting! We intentionally speaks near to each other faces so that others can smell it. we did it among four of us of course, not to others. well, we bothered the whole class, alright. just by laugh none stop. 
This are the 'Lembu's' who breath smells milky. thinking of it even makes me fell like puking.
I got a headache just by eating this beans. i end up went back sleeping after dinner. I admit, it's the BEST Addmath class ever, thanks to Dar's Jelly Beans. hahaha...

<3 Ja

dear Car.....

Yes, I haven't got my driving license yet. Yes I'm going to take it right after I finished my last paper of SPM. I WANT IT SO BADLY! :( my mom promised me a driving license as my birthday gift which is 4 months ago. I've complained and even cried by myself after all my hopes and imagination was crushed into pieces. like the sayings, time heals everything. now that i've already pulled myself together, i've become much stronger. My dad is going to buy a NEW CAR!!! not for me though.. 
yeah people! this is IT! Audi Q5. He's going to buy it but still don't know when.
with that, my family car, Naza Ria will be sold, my mom will be using this, my dad still using his truck, d Vios will be my sister's and her 'mini cooper' will be mine. :) at least i'll have a car of my own right?

wanna know what i really wanted? it's her..
FORD FIESTA BEBEH!! ouh, it'll be a dream come true if i get this. anyway, i'm not putting ANY hopes at all cause i know i WON'T be getting it EVEN IN MILLION YEARS. I don't wanna be sad just like what happened when i putted high hopes on my driving license. One way or another, I'm gonna work my way to get my dream car someday, even though d car had changed. hehe...

<3 Ja

overseas *__*

Tuesday, 27 September 2011
after looking at my senior's picture in London because of further studies, i'm totally going overseas! I don't care it's Australia or UK, I WANT TO GO OVERSEAS!! but, it's very difficult for me to get a scholarship to go overseas. usually, it's the MRSM and SBP students who get them all. no fair! :( anyways, I'm still going to try my best and my last choice would be Matrix XP. seriously in my opinion, I don't prefer to go to matrix, AT ALL. It's like having to go to asrama penuh. No thanks! Others enjoying living free with their friends, wearing what they want and going where and when they want to. oh yeah! they can drive cars too. but if I'm stuck in matrix, all my wishes are gone with the wind.... fey liao.... I'm not going to let that happen! I'll try to offer for A level somewhere so that i can live my dream. which is having all of the above and becoming an architect. I really hope my dream will come true. May God be with me always. Amin
top #3 of the best architecture school in Australia, University of New South Wales Sydney.
She my dream.

<3 Ja


Saturday, 24 September 2011
my plan with ayee was to eat nasi ayam penyet at Wong Solo. then we invited some of our friends. soo cheat who brings along azri in her car, me riding with ayee n shi chyn with her cute motor. hehehe.... we were so enthusiastic about. when we reach there, the shop was close. then shi chyn/ aching suggested we go to KFC. and so we continue our happy journey in convoy. shi chyn was sooo cute in her bike! we were laughing all the way to KFC, watching shi chyn who don't know how to u-turn n soo cheat trying to show off with the speed. at a junction, all of us splint to different direction. me n ayee was a little lost but we manage to get there first. then soo cheat n azri. after we ordered, we notice that our cute shi chyn haven't arrive yet. she only arrive after a few minutes later.
enjoying the food.. :D unfortunately, ayee went home vomiting. GET WELL SOON AYEE!
after eating, this was our activity. hehehehe...

I <3 MY FRIENDS!! hope wecan repeat moment like this again. :)


hello people. I just got back from badminton. i won't call it a championship but I'll just call it a competition. It was suppose to be held at ASRC but we change the venue at the last minute because the courts was full. so we move on to KBA. KBA is usually used by Kedah players on saturdays. I went with my best friend, Yee on her motorcycle. went we reach there, all the Kedah players were jogging around the building for...don't know how many rounds but alot and i mean ALOT. we, the convent girls were just standing there looking around n waiting for the teacher to arrive. I seriously don't know where to put my face at. I've never played in a million years yet know have to play in front of the Kedah Players!! As Shi Chyn put it, it's really 'siasoi'. Anyways, we really enjoyed ourselves there playing a fool with each other. yeah, it was the last time for us as the seniors so we don't mind much.
this is AYEE a.k.a. the champion of today/president of badminton club/my bff in the action. Looks like a real pro right? What was missing was just a sponsored shirt.
Here she is again on the 2nd game with the teacher supervising behind.
Do you wanna know how do Kedah Payers practice looks like?! how did they look sooo scary to us?!
This is how they practice. fyi, ALL the white things that you're seeing are shuttle corks. every court has one bucket of shuttle cork just like on the bottom left of this picture. if only you could see it live, you will totally feel like swimming on the floor in the shuttle corks.
To make it is really really fair, we combine forces n work together.
after two games, some of us change clothes because of the of sweet + smell. while, the others were playing, two of the seniors decided to 'play' with their smelly n wet clothes. This was how the 'GAME' was played.
Disgustingly, they cover people's head with their wet clothes so others can smell it. most of the game was played by only the two of them and they only 'attack' each other. one work, DISGUSTING. it was funny to watch though, but not to smell.
Next was my game with Aza. I don't know how but i won the game. haha.. so yeah! :)
me jumping n trying to get the ball.
seriously, i don't know what on earth i was doing at this time.
and then, i spotted a harry potter in female version!
as ayee said, a ATM call her MISS tan soo cheat.
what i hope it that we all can do this again after the SPM. i will totally miss something like this. 


Health Day Out

Friday, 23 September 2011
stadium held something to do with FAMA or MADA.....maybe(not sure who's actually involved). anyways, i had i lot of FUN! not until the part where i feel like fainting because of the super duper hot sun though.wanna know why it's fun? because there were A LOT  of CUTE BUNNIES!! I was going nuts there. super duper cute bunnies that i didn't know existed.
cute little thing!! it has a reddish pink oversize ears which makes it look even cuter!
at first, i thought it was a poodle or something. haha...
i wanted to buy a normal bunny for a long time ago. but my mom is not that animal-friendly type of woman. If my dad were here, he would've bought it for me. I WANT MY DADDY! :( n a bunny too.. hehe

The Blues In Town

I had my addmath class last night. Hanny set the colour for us, Convent girls but it was a last minute call so not all of us wear the colour. The Colour Setter was running a little late so she was not in the picture. 
me, moon, amal n dar
love them all to bits!

Braces Girl~

I just went for a regular check-up yesterday. Every time i go for dentist, my teeth will always hurts. and i won't be able to eat for the following 3 to 4 days. I'm only able to eat soft and something to do with soup. so today, it really really hurts to eat. I've been wearing it for 3 years already. not only me, but everyone around me also wonders when am I going to take off my braces. haihh.... still waiting for the day where my teeth are all PERFECT. *day dreaming on how i would look like after braces phase is done*
went straight to dentist after school. happily ate McDonald before seeing the doctor. hehee... change my colour to Plum Crazy which is a very cute purple colour. loving it!


Thursday, 22 September 2011
Yes, I'm the girl who takes biology. Yes, I'm a Convent girl. and yes, I hated biology. who loves biology anyways?! Biology is a total boring n require a lot of reading subject. well, you will totally change your mind when you go to Mohan's. He's the best, and i mean THE BEST BIO TEACHER EVER!! He really teach EVERYTHING in the book that you could ever find. even though he is that good, it would be a lie if i tell you that i never felt sleepy in his class. That is the power of biology, everyone. that is to make people sleeeeepppyyy..... If your taking biology, take up Mohan's class. u won't regret it.

He's the man. He like to draw diagrams which is very hard for all of us to copy in our paper.
If you were in my class, you can always see me laughing all the time n bugging my friends. That means that I'm sleepy. I bug my friends a lot when I'm sleepy so that I won't fell asleep.

giving an innocent smile to my best friend after bugging her. hehehe... I love bugging ayee cause that my hobby. she bugs me too anyway so that not a big deal between us. All of the teachers who teach us know our 'problem' with each other very well. LOVE HER!

prefect party 2011

well, I was informed that it was held outdoor, a garden theme. it was nice and i had some fun with my friends. most of the time we only ate because we paid RM30. hehe... the whole table was full with food. grace was hesitating to get another plate of rice but all of us was like totally supporting her. though, some of the food is not that good. thus, the staffs didn't refill them until we ask for it. *shaking head left n right*. not good. Anyway, i got a prize for 'The Creative Senior'. it made me laugh though. hahaha.. i was also one of the lucky draw! that made the day actually.

1st picture: my best friend,Anis n me
2nd picture: me who anis said looked a lot like my mom for the first time ever
3rd picture: me outside the hotel
I also had fun with some of my juniors majorly with Irma n another girl that i couldn't recall her name. For sure, I'll miss my moment as a Librarian.

the new comer!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011
hey there people of the world. I'm just starting on my blog and hope i didn't bore u already. hehe... follow on my blog and u will know bits of my life. c u soon!