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Saturday, 24 September 2011
my plan with ayee was to eat nasi ayam penyet at Wong Solo. then we invited some of our friends. soo cheat who brings along azri in her car, me riding with ayee n shi chyn with her cute motor. hehehe.... we were so enthusiastic about. when we reach there, the shop was close. then shi chyn/ aching suggested we go to KFC. and so we continue our happy journey in convoy. shi chyn was sooo cute in her bike! we were laughing all the way to KFC, watching shi chyn who don't know how to u-turn n soo cheat trying to show off with the speed. at a junction, all of us splint to different direction. me n ayee was a little lost but we manage to get there first. then soo cheat n azri. after we ordered, we notice that our cute shi chyn haven't arrive yet. she only arrive after a few minutes later.
enjoying the food.. :D unfortunately, ayee went home vomiting. GET WELL SOON AYEE!
after eating, this was our activity. hehehehe...

I <3 MY FRIENDS!! hope wecan repeat moment like this again. :)


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