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happy deewali!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011
starting from yesterday until this weekend is my school's holiday. yeay! but unfortunately, i got a fever yesterday's morning. still don't know how on earth i got it. my sister was working that day and i was left alone at home cause my mom was in terengganu. btw, my sister came back from cameron highland with her friend and bring back some lily and strawberries. loved them!

anyway, i could only lay in front of the tv by myself and watch tv. it was very hard for me to swallow and i end up finishing my breakfast in 40 minutes(fyi it was just a small bun with a size of 5cmx5cm). luckily my sister was coming back for lunch so i can have lunch too. she bought some dishes and i have to cook rice. i was very very tired and can hardly walk. all the effort i have was to press a button on the remote to change channel. though, i manage to pull it through. i had a nice lunch and took my medicine that my sister brought back and went straight to bed.

today i got better and i went celebrating deewali at Dar's house. very kind of her to be willingly to have me there. the food was nice and the decoration was nice too. she also makes me understands Indian's culture more. =) thanks Dar.

thanks to British, i have multiracial friends and learn more cultures. whatever race u r, or religion u r, it all drives us to become a good person and contains high moral values. all we need to do is to respect others' differences and accept that not all human r the same even though u r in the same religious or race. i love/hate a person for who she/he is, not her/his religion or race. that is how the way it should be, people. vanakam.

ouh i almost forgot. if it wasn't because of SPM reaching, i'll be following my sister and her friends to Beris to a grape farm. i don't even know there's a grape farm in malaysia! it's about 1 hour and a half from here. 

i just missed a great opportunity here! darn it. never mind, maybe my time haven't come yet. maybe i'll come here with my friends instead. that would be fun! haha.. one more thing to add on to 'to do list after SPM'.

<3 Ja 

shopping shopping!

Thursday, 20 October 2011
last weekend i went to penang with mom and my sister for some shopping. we decided to go to Queensbay Mall instead because we went to gurney plaza last trip. and so we went to GAP, MNG and other shops yet bought nothing. went we entered Forever 21, the 3 of us just split up in second. i went to the earrings section. i spend like 20 minutes there just looking at earrings. at last, i picked one. a sort of feathery earring. i was looking for that kind of earring for awhile. i also bought a metallic purple belt to wear with a jean or even on top of a dress. love them!

i bought stuffs that are at rm15 cause i'll be surely get scolded by my mom if i buy too much or too expensive stuffs. but then i saw my mom shopping with a forever 21 shopping beg. it's the black beg where u can put all your stuffs that u wanna buy if u don't have enough hands to hold them. i was shock! she has never ever shop like this before. maybe she was so enthusiastic to buy clothes to go to Langkawi the next few weeks(golf competition stuffs) . 

seeing my mom like that, i started to shop more! hahaha... nice opportunity right? then i go search for more stuffs that i NEED like singlet and all that stuffs. i didn't even buy a nice dress or shirt cause that shop was too crowded with all those stuffs. i couldn't see a thing! then, i saw some cute socks. one of them was full with turtle. it was very cute! and most importantly, it reminds me of my best friend, ayee. so i bought it for her. cute! just like she is. =)

after all of us finished trying and all that, all of us go straight to the cashier cause we were also hungry. there was also a promotion that says rm199 purchase enable to get a watch. we didn't expect to get one. first to pay was me n my mom together. my sis pay later with her own money. my mom n i was about rm378. we just need to add rm20 to get 2 watches. so i took one of my sis's shirt to pay together. and so i picked the colour bieber purple and mom picked electric blue. then it was my sis's turn to pay. her's was rm198, which just rm1 more to get a watch of her own. but then i remembered that i'd gave her money to pay along with my cute socks and she didn't include them. luckily i saw it behind the cashier and makes her able to get a watch. btw, she took red.

then we went searching for a restaurant. my mom suggest that we ate at the food court, but luckily my sis objected. so we went to Dave's Deli! =) although on the way i get scolded by my mom for making her spend rm400(as she put it). but that was including hers! i only bought about rm105, which is far away from what she had spend on her's. anyways, i just do as i always do when that happens, make a cold,stone heart like i heard nothing. she always does that. putting her blame on me. so whatever right? back to the Dave's Deli. i wanted to order something else but it was not available so i ordered lasagna! add together with a nice choc ice drink, a total yum yum...

me and my sis happily eating. she ordered fetucini cabonara, as always.

it was the best dish ever. then we went to walk around but didn't buy anything....until we entered brands outlet. it was a buy 1 free 1 shirt! my mom took 3 and i took 1, the free one. hehe...
 i also bought an earring for my favourite teacher, Madam Chua. she always wear this sort of english style old school earrings and i love them! i always look forward to see her different colours of earrings everyday. when i saw this particular earring at Padini, i flash her face in front of my eyes. so i bought it for her. even though it cost me a fortune, but i don't mind. it's a once and awhile thing. i love her anyway. =) The best teacher, most fashionable, best personality and kindhearted person ever.

well, that was how my last weekend went. this weekend? not so much maybe... what ever happens, life is to be enjoyed every moment no matter what.

<3 Ja


Karate Kidsss!

Friday, 14 October 2011
i went to the Karate-Do's sort of ending of year celebration. we ate a lot and the food was really nice. we only need to pay RM20 and was able to get 6 type of food with fruits and juices! isn't that great?! :D loved it.
anis-showing off her teeth, me and aainaa
This is us waiting for the other to arrive. The place was very conducive and i might say quite exclusive. 

and then the early birds with our sensei and teacher.
actually i still didn't get the idea why we took the picture 1st before eating... still wondering. oh well, we ate directly after this anyway.

me and aainaa happily taking our food. hehehe.... fyi, i didn't had my lunch and this event was around 2 to 2.30 o'clock. so don't judge me from the plate i'm holding. peace =)

excited with our food and ready to dig in! we are the hungry ghost. haha....
unfortunately sensei and the teacher can't stay long. and so both of us left our food halfway eaten and capture some valuable memories.

i was so proud when sensei said that i was the 'orang kuat' when i approached him. i'm totally going to go for his lessens again after SPM even though it is just for a few practice. it totally make me more fit plus in shape. karate totally made me braver as an individual.

then it is time for sensei to continue his job. with repect, we all bowed to sensei as a goodbye sign. this moment will surely be cherish.Just by looking back at this picture alone made me missed karate already. 

all of us continued eating after that. and then we took more picture. that's my second favourite part(fyi, 1st favourite part is eating)
yup, we are the powerful seniors. the people who you don't want to be messing around. hahaha... not that powerful actually. i enjoy over emphasis-ing.
unfortunately some of us couldn't turn up last minute. but that also means.......MORE FOOD FOR US! hahaha.. rawaida is pushing food down everyone's throats to make sure no food is wasted. of course she doesn't literally do it.

this is what happen when we got a lot of food but we can't eat them anymore. so as an alternative, we have to move around more so that the food in our stomach can process faster to enable us to eat more! brilliant isn't it?

me and yun a.k.a my photographer for school magazine, my boss in karate(as in treasurer and assistant), and my friend.

after all the laughter and talking and shuffling food down our throat, some great has it's end. some of us went back early. just a few remaining so we went outside to wait. but then we saw a tow-truck. farhani decided to take a pic  and i have to admit this is my MOST FAVOURITE picture of the day!
the evening sun was shining on me, with the wind blowing between my hair, it was PERFECT. loving every time i see this pic.

<3 Ja

INTI's program

Saturday, 8 October 2011
today i woke up at 5.30 in d morning and was having a real bad stomach ache. i was rolling on bed til i can't take it anymore. so, i went to the toilet and did my business. but still, it was not 100% gone. thinking back to what i ate last night, i figure out something that could cause this unhappy stomach.
i am sure that it was caused by this drink. it's a sparkling drink from famous amos. i only drank it like a quoter of it. i really enjoyed it at first, but not until this morning. 

and then, i got ready for an answering techique for SPM held by INTI at sentosa. i took chemistry and bm. the program started at 9 but ayee decided that we go 1 hour earlier because the place will surely be fully booked by keat hwa peps. so me, ayee and wichitra went earlier and booked our place and went for breakfast together at a mamak's beside sentosa. :) enjoying! a nice roti canai with teh 'O' ice for each of us and most important, it's cheap! then comes along inani then Nicole.
Nicole and ayee at the mamak's

wichit and nani waiting for Nicole to finish her meal before going back to sentosa.

the first class was chemistry. wichit, nani, ayee and me took chemistry but Nicole took Biology. the teacher was nice, a lady teacher from keat hwa 2. the class was about 2 hours. after reaching an hour and a half, most of use couldn't sit still anymore.
yeah, i admit it that i'm bad at taking pictures like this.  i met Syasyi there, an old tuition friend of mine. it was nice of her to come and talk to me for a while. the air cond was SUPER cold. i don't know how ayee and wichit could stand it. they were just wearing short sleeves and i was wearing long sleeves. yet, i got colder then them. haha...

credit to Nani for a nicer picture. hehe...

Then it was BM class which was held on 7th floor. more comfortable place which has not too cold air cond. the teacher was from MRSM and gave some great advice. there were alot of convent girls there. Aloh was there together with Shu Fen, Soo cheat, Rou Ming and others from 5B class.
same with my row was nicole, chong, grace, Mel, ayee and me!
from left is chong, nicole, grace and mel.

ayee playing a fool on me.hehe...

after we finished, all of us decided to go lunch together-the huge group of us. so i went with soo cheat's car. riding together with us was Rou Ming and her friends. it was the first time i ride a car with soo cheat driving. it was only a 5 minutes drive so i can't really judge her driving. a lot of them went upstairs of the restaurant for Shu Fen's bf's B-day. but some of us who were kind enough to accompany me eat at the ground level because it's halal. the upper level it's not halal. THANKS GUYS! they are Nicole, Grace, Chong, Mel, Ayee and Soo Cheat. chong recommended me a dish and i loved it. 
i really did enjoy today. thanks guys who made my day beautiful today starting from this morning til now.

<3 Ja

Busy Busy Busy.....

Thursday, 6 October 2011
hey peps! sorry that i've been busy. well u know, SPM is just around the corner. within 1 month, i'll be facing my SPM. and of course, u won't b hearing from me then maybe for 2 months(1 month before exam + 1 month during exam). Take note that i'll finish my exam on 30th november.*WEEEE!!! and u'll be seeing me VERY OFTEN than :D

ok, i'll make it short for what i did this week.my mom cooked a Trifle or something... i'm not sure what it's called but i'm very sure that it tasted damn good. i can imagine u guys being mouth watering by seeing this.
it starts of with a swiss-rolled cake at the bottom, custard in d middle and a fruit punch jelly on top. heaven!
this is the 1st time she made it and it turns out very wonderful! don't ever imagine me doing this at the 1st time. it won't look this good.
then, she continue on with some beautiful jellies!
cute aren't they? :D

yesterday was another day to the dentist. change my color to electric blue which was very nice. before that, i had my lunch with mom at McDonald! hehehe... i tried the new Quoter Pounder with cheese and i LOVED it.
oh yea, i bought the large set with a cheese shaker for the fries and a chocolate milk shake. goddess!
i went back in pain, as usual. after i got home, the pain was forgotten completely! just a few minutes though. i got my 1st letter! i'm sure all the other got it too. hehe
actually, it wasn't that of a big deal. it's just that, it was the 1st letter from a college with my name on it, MINE! hehe... usually i only seen letters for dad, mom and my sis and bros. so, that was the 1st change i've seen for me that the sign an adulthood is coming. sound spooky right?

anyways, last night all of us wore brown. ayee brought a pizza for us. when she told us that, all of us were highly excited. when she took it out, all of us just laugh.
why wouldn't we? hahaha... a CUTE pizza. it's still a pizza. she didn't lied.
i haven't eat this since decades! i still remember me eating this in a form of a burger. :) sweet memories...
The besties r in brown people. love u!

Chemist Study Group....suppose to

Sunday, 2 October 2011
Yesterday i went out with my best friend Anis and her friends which is also my friends, Anati and Azri. We were suppose to study chemistry together and trust me i sucks alot in chemistry. The public library was a total compact! I can see a few groups of form 5s from convent, and a few groups of my juniors from form 4. There were also a few students from my tuition and also Anis's tuition. well, I arrived 1st and I went searching for a place for my group of 4. at last, i found a table of four but in the kids section. the size of the chairs and table, well it's perfect for kids 5 years and below. but what else can we do? we set and it wassuper crowded.

this is the view from under the table. fyi, the grey one is me. :)

Being the person i am, who always take action when needed, i went upstairs(which is for upper forms) and wonder around for a place. i ask i few people who i see a potential in leaving the table. but, ii was not my luck. there were also a few groups of people wondering around like me too. at last, i saw a group standing up but one of the girls haven't left the table. i quickly go and ask her whether she's still using the place because i saw two guys who are also searching for a place to sit, walking quickly to the girls direction. then, she said no and i end up getting that place in stead of the others. =) so proud of myself.
here are Azri a.k.a lemon and Anis, happily sitting in and actual adult chair. 
we went out for lunch at McDonalds and i bought my 1st ring ever somehow and we went back in.
anati who knows much better then me in chemistry tries to help, and she did alot. Thanks Anat! aka Gonglion.

both of us end up getting confused... hehe
me trying to get anati back on tract from chatting with azri and anis. If you notice, there's the cheese burger guy(because he wears a shirt looking like a cheese burger and making us hungry) behind who looks alot like taylor lautner... woot!! but the real taylor looks better. Taylor Lautner!!(the real one, ok) The best part is, Anis knows him from tuition. and i think i've met him before. probably, he doesn't remember me anymore, and i don't care at all. 

 seriously, i was pretty excited with my new ring. heeee... don't blame me.
we chat a lot actually then studying. which is a bad thing. next week, i'll be attending INTI's tecnique for answering SPM if there's a place for me. I hope I can go!