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Wednesday, 11 January 2012
currently i'm working at my uncle's company, PfcE Sdn. Bhd. anf it's only the 22nd floor and 32nd floor of the Maju Holdings shopping mall near Sogo. my uncle n my cousin, kak farah n the siblings all stay on the 22nd floor with account department and others. i was moved to the 32nd floor to the tender and contract department. well, what i did mostly are typing using Excel. if u were or are smk convent students, u would've know this cause it's just like doing index for our exercise books, but this time it's on a bigger range. u want to know how big?
THIS big.. i'm done / doing the 'index' for those filess..

for today, i've done my work before lunch. most of the staff went for a meeting downstairs(22nd floor) including my boss, En. Nazry. my status now is the assistant of En. Nazry. sounds good right? hehe
this is my view from level 32nd.
.....n i got to go.. see u soon peeps!

<3 Ja


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