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Thursday, 9 February 2012
after complainting about my hair n see me waking up looking like a lion, kak farah could stand seeing my hair in that condition already. so yesterday we left the office early n went straight to the salloon. i had my hair treatment n she had her wash. well, i knew my hair was very dry but not until the most horrible stage. i was shocked when the hair stylist said that my hair is 100% dry! it was a total punch in the face man. he asked me what shampoo did i use n i told me i keep changing from one product to another coz they were not working. all of them was for dry hair n dry care, i tried them all n my hair was still dry. i used Loreal n currently Dove. but after this treatment, i must use d shampoo that was given.

this was went the were applying the kera treatment n after applying, they iron my hair so that the sollution will be absorb faster. they gave me a hair mask for me use after shampooing d next day which is today. 
when we reach home, i was shocked that my hair was really straight. i've never seen my hair in that condition before.

frankly speaking, the smell of that solution was horrible! it smell like a cat just peed on my hair! waaeeeekkk!! i cant stand the smell but i have too was my hair tomorrow morning. i woke up a few times last nite because a few of my hair was in my face n the smell was strong enough to wake me up. a serious foul smell! well, at least i dont wake up looking like a lion anymore right?

so this morning i wake up n shampoo my hair plus wear the mask as instructed. i blow dry my hair n get ready for work. kak farah was in a hurry because she have to attend a meeting. i'm sooo happy that my hair is so healthy now! a really huge difference n easier to manage. so this is me having my breakfast at my table in my new healthy hair. =) just a muffin with nescafe mocha. 

n now my stomach is grawning because of the mocha. uurggghhhh... see u next time then with more update.

<3 Ja

AJL 26

Sunday, 29 January 2012
My cousin, kak farah manage to get us some AJL tickets! she knows someone n that someone gave us some tickets. we got 3 tickets which was for kak farah, me n kak mira(kak farah's sweet friend). so we went to A cut Above to wash n blow our hair n do some make-ups after lunch. around 6.30, we got home n get dressed up. after waiting for awhile for kak mira to get to our house, we got bored. n so we did some photoshoot. hehe...

that's me sitting at the living room.

after a few shots, kak mira arrived n we head straight to the putra indoor stadium. we got a nice sit which is the middle sit of the VIP area. here r some of the pic i captured.

jaclin victor starts the show with a 'Boom!' factor singing anuar zain's sedetik lebih. if only anuar zain was there to perform his own song.
here is aizat with sungai lui. everyone was very amazed with the artist! he only used sand to make that beautiful....i dont know what it's called.(its not a picture for sure n neither a painting. ok, a sand-ting. hehe)

here is alyah with kisah hati who'd won the best performance. of course it was the best performace! why? because remy ishak showed up! duuhh~ everyone was yelling on top of their lungs for remy ishak! one of them was me who also laughed while screaming. hahaha... good times.
this is yuna with......i cant remember her song that she sang coz i wasn't that interested. i just like the lights. haha..
there's me again in my seat. :)

then, this is 3 suara with beribu sesalan. they should've won coz they were AWESOME! i love shila hamzah!
while the show was going on, dato' siti passed by n i snap a pic of hers. she was walking pretty fast so its quite blurry. the other picture aren't sharp coz i zoomed in.

after hafiz was announced as the winner, a lot of people started to make a move. but the 3 of us just stay put in our sit to avoid the crowd. just then, i saw aliff aziz standing up. i wasn't that interested in him before. in fact, i'd never ever pay attention to his news or songs or activity at all! pure 0% interest. when i saw him that night, my jaw dropped. he was ssoooooo HANDSOME! even though i was wearing heels, i was only at the height of his shoulder. super duper tall and handsome. his body was perfect for a guy! a total dream guy for sure.
a few groups were started to crowd around him n so i went down to him n took a pic too.
this is from kak farah's view who is still in her seat with kak mira. there i was, as happy as a clam =D

no girl can be more happier than this. haha!

then, we went out of the hall n wait at the i-dont-know-what area. hehe.. there were guards there so we have to wait for that someone who gave the ticket to us to give a green light to the guards for us to enter the after party hall. 

while waiting, i snap a picture of kak farah n kak mira with their BB in their hands, doing what all girls do best = gossip. hahaha! clearly u can see it in their faces!
finally we were in n get some food to eat. fyi, we didn't had our dinner when we came here. we were starving. but we only ate a bit because it was already 12 something.

we went to the area where most of them were crews so i didn't get a chance to take pictures with more artists. hopefully u were enjoyed like i did! 

<3 Ja


Shop Job

Thursday, 12 January 2012
sorry peeps, yesterday i was in a rush to go back home. so yesterday, kak farah had to stay back for a late meeting until night time. she gave me some money for my dinner n also her sons' too. so otw home, i stop by at the Giant nearby n bought some doughnuts at J. Co for the kids. that was for tea of course n i called Pizza Hut Delivery(PHD as they call it now) for dinner. they were awesome!! 
it is called the tradisional crush, if i'm not mistaken. pepperoni n super supreme.. yum yum...
n those part on the left that's missing, yeah the kids ate it. i was bathing when the pizza arrived. so this is all that's left for me to put in the blog. haha..

then this morning, i woke up at 5.45 to go to morning market. all the stuffs were fresh n i also met my aunt there, kak farah's mother. then we went back n arrived already at 7. as Asad ask me 'aunty, y is your hair is like a lion?" it gave me a slap in the face. i told kak farah about my hair problem n she gave me a hair mask. so as soon as i reach home, i shampoo n put on the mask. i blowed my hair n get ready for work.
well, we didnt go straight to the office. kak farah have to find a wardrobe for her black tie dinner tonight n so she took me along to Pavillion.
this is her trying on shoes at Giuseppe Zonetti. it was my 1st time entering that shop for sure.
the cheapest pair i can get there was rm3000. i was like whaaaattttt???? so dont mention about the most expensive there.
we(means kak farah buying, i was just there searching something for her) end up not getting anything there because of limitted choice n size. the we move on to cityhill which is just across the road. we entered Valentino to find a dress but d jewels catch our eyes.
they were BEAUTIFUL but it was too vogue-ish..
so we didnt buy anything there too. we went upstairs to Red Valentino n get the dresses that were reserved for her.

then, we get back to our car n she drop me at the office. she had to rush to the salloon n it was already 2pm. i, too rushed to starbucks n buy a sandwich there as my lunch. i end up eating lunch at my desk because i was really really late for work. haha... no one could say anything, even me! ^.^ hehehe... am having the best time of my life living with kak farah. i share as many happiness with u guys through this n hope u enjoy it too!

<3 Ja

The Office

Wednesday, 11 January 2012
currently i'm working at my uncle's company, PfcE Sdn. Bhd. anf it's only the 22nd floor and 32nd floor of the Maju Holdings shopping mall near Sogo. my uncle n my cousin, kak farah n the siblings all stay on the 22nd floor with account department and others. i was moved to the 32nd floor to the tender and contract department. well, what i did mostly are typing using Excel. if u were or are smk convent students, u would've know this cause it's just like doing index for our exercise books, but this time it's on a bigger range. u want to know how big?
THIS big.. i'm done / doing the 'index' for those filess..

for today, i've done my work before lunch. most of the staff went for a meeting downstairs(22nd floor) including my boss, En. Nazry. my status now is the assistant of En. Nazry. sounds good right? hehe
this is my view from level 32nd.
.....n i got to go.. see u soon peeps!

<3 Ja

Another Day in My Life

Monday, 9 January 2012
yesterday after work, my cousin with her 2 boys n I went to klcc. she need to alter her dress somewhere inside klcc. the 2 kids wanted to go to kinokuniya to buy some books. n so i as the part time nanny took them to the book store. she took quite awhile but it wasn't that long. because they had school that morning, As'ad( pronauce as asad) fell asleep on me.. haha.. cute lil guy.

yup, u can say that my legs was pretty numb.n i was in heels!! for God sake, my feet was killing me. i didn't know that she wanted to go to klcc after work. i would've brought a slipper along with me instead. then, we went to Chilli's for dinner. sorry i didn't get a change to take a picture coz we were too hungry n we just dig in. hehehe... but i did take a picture of the desert :D i dont remember what's it called though but i remember how good it was.. yum yumm~~ it's with double scoop ice cream on.
during dinner, i get to rest my feet for awhile. but then after dinner, we went down to that shop again where kak farah altered her dress. i was only sitting there keeping an eye on the boys n they were hipper! n seriously there were sooo funny! n i was laughing like crazy! they were playing around n saying "oley! oley!" n keep talking rubbish like "yo! yo! it is new year yo?" while playing tag n they were also laughing while falling here n there.. i sit there n laugh non stop. kak farah came n she said the 3 of us (me n kids) totally had a sugar rush.

u can tell that this is before the boys started playing coz i'm still normal at this stage.. haha

now i'm at the office n it's quite busy today. so i can't write more in details. i'll keep on writing if something fun in my life happens. see u soon readers. ;)

<3 Ja

The Make Over

Sunday, 8 January 2012
as all of u may know, my cousin that i'm staying with is a total fashionista. and so she did some make over to me. for the 1st day of work, she bought me 2 pairs of high heels for me to wear to work. yeah its my 1st time wearing heels! but today i'm used to it already. 
wearing this right now

gonna wear this next week :D

last friday, we went to A Cut Above to wash our hair n do her mani/padi. but i end up cutting my hair. haha.. i love it though its a bit awkward for me. so this is how i look like now.

this morning, i went into my cousin's room. she said 'put some make up on, u'll look better' and i replied 'i dont have one. i just have a compact powder'. then she said 'sit down here' n so the make over reach the climax. she put on a full make up! channel foundation, bobbi brown eyeshadows, mac n so on... i turn out walking into d office looking like this.

oh yeah, my hair is a bit messy because i just had my shampoo this morning. i woke up at 7.30 n went jogging around the neighbourhood. healthy leaving people! and also, i've moved to the 32nd floor n it's freezing here! my cousin got me a Warehouse cardigan which i'm wearing right now. i wont buy it for sure cause it cost near RM300.. Thanks kak farah!! :*

<3 Ja

Happy new year!!

Monday, 2 January 2012
Hello there peeps!
yup, I'm finally done with the moving! jyeah!! now I'm staying with my lovely cousin, Kak Farah n working along with her at PfcE. It's in the Maju Holdings building which is situated near Sogo... now I'm in the office n this is my first day! n I'm pretty sure bored.. there's nothing for me to do yet n i juz got this laptop after i had my lunch. can u imagine?! i've been waiting at my table for someone to give me a job since this morning.. 

anyways, i've thought of uploading my new year celebration but i'm at work n i dont have d pictures. i'll talk about it soon ok?
today is my lovely mother's birthday n this is the 1st time i'm not there with her during her birthday! i missing her sooo much... :(
this morning i went for a jog around the neighbourhood so i went back n had a shampoo to get ready to go to work. as i was blowing my hair, i noticed that my left earring was gone! my mother gave me those earrings n i lost it on her birthday! ouch.. i quickly ran down n search for it. i searched inside out of the house n i was very scared at that time. because of a nature call, so i went to the toilet. thank God for it, i found the earring laying on the toilet floor! i was so reliefed n thanked God a million times. i cling them together n keep them in a bag. so today, i'm not wearing any earrings.

the face that is bored to death

ouh yeah, today is also a history for me coz i'm wearing high heels! i've never wear them before n now i do! kak farah bought it for me yesterday. 2 pairs of them from charles & keith. love them!! she also bought me a sport shoes to jog. a cute pink nike with blue details. thats from me for now.. c u again peeps.. i'll shall upload d pictures of those killing heels soon, k? til next time..

<3 Ja