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Thursday, 29 September 2011
Yes, I haven't got my driving license yet. Yes I'm going to take it right after I finished my last paper of SPM. I WANT IT SO BADLY! :( my mom promised me a driving license as my birthday gift which is 4 months ago. I've complained and even cried by myself after all my hopes and imagination was crushed into pieces. like the sayings, time heals everything. now that i've already pulled myself together, i've become much stronger. My dad is going to buy a NEW CAR!!! not for me though.. 
yeah people! this is IT! Audi Q5. He's going to buy it but still don't know when.
with that, my family car, Naza Ria will be sold, my mom will be using this, my dad still using his truck, d Vios will be my sister's and her 'mini cooper' will be mine. :) at least i'll have a car of my own right?

wanna know what i really wanted? it's her..
FORD FIESTA BEBEH!! ouh, it'll be a dream come true if i get this. anyway, i'm not putting ANY hopes at all cause i know i WON'T be getting it EVEN IN MILLION YEARS. I don't wanna be sad just like what happened when i putted high hopes on my driving license. One way or another, I'm gonna work my way to get my dream car someday, even though d car had changed. hehe...

<3 Ja


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