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AJL 26

Sunday, 29 January 2012
My cousin, kak farah manage to get us some AJL tickets! she knows someone n that someone gave us some tickets. we got 3 tickets which was for kak farah, me n kak mira(kak farah's sweet friend). so we went to A cut Above to wash n blow our hair n do some make-ups after lunch. around 6.30, we got home n get dressed up. after waiting for awhile for kak mira to get to our house, we got bored. n so we did some photoshoot. hehe...

that's me sitting at the living room.

after a few shots, kak mira arrived n we head straight to the putra indoor stadium. we got a nice sit which is the middle sit of the VIP area. here r some of the pic i captured.

jaclin victor starts the show with a 'Boom!' factor singing anuar zain's sedetik lebih. if only anuar zain was there to perform his own song.
here is aizat with sungai lui. everyone was very amazed with the artist! he only used sand to make that beautiful....i dont know what it's called.(its not a picture for sure n neither a painting. ok, a sand-ting. hehe)

here is alyah with kisah hati who'd won the best performance. of course it was the best performace! why? because remy ishak showed up! duuhh~ everyone was yelling on top of their lungs for remy ishak! one of them was me who also laughed while screaming. hahaha... good times.
this is yuna with......i cant remember her song that she sang coz i wasn't that interested. i just like the lights. haha..
there's me again in my seat. :)

then, this is 3 suara with beribu sesalan. they should've won coz they were AWESOME! i love shila hamzah!
while the show was going on, dato' siti passed by n i snap a pic of hers. she was walking pretty fast so its quite blurry. the other picture aren't sharp coz i zoomed in.

after hafiz was announced as the winner, a lot of people started to make a move. but the 3 of us just stay put in our sit to avoid the crowd. just then, i saw aliff aziz standing up. i wasn't that interested in him before. in fact, i'd never ever pay attention to his news or songs or activity at all! pure 0% interest. when i saw him that night, my jaw dropped. he was ssoooooo HANDSOME! even though i was wearing heels, i was only at the height of his shoulder. super duper tall and handsome. his body was perfect for a guy! a total dream guy for sure.
a few groups were started to crowd around him n so i went down to him n took a pic too.
this is from kak farah's view who is still in her seat with kak mira. there i was, as happy as a clam =D

no girl can be more happier than this. haha!

then, we went out of the hall n wait at the i-dont-know-what area. hehe.. there were guards there so we have to wait for that someone who gave the ticket to us to give a green light to the guards for us to enter the after party hall. 

while waiting, i snap a picture of kak farah n kak mira with their BB in their hands, doing what all girls do best = gossip. hahaha! clearly u can see it in their faces!
finally we were in n get some food to eat. fyi, we didn't had our dinner when we came here. we were starving. but we only ate a bit because it was already 12 something.

we went to the area where most of them were crews so i didn't get a chance to take pictures with more artists. hopefully u were enjoyed like i did! 

<3 Ja



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