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Another Day in My Life

Monday, 9 January 2012
yesterday after work, my cousin with her 2 boys n I went to klcc. she need to alter her dress somewhere inside klcc. the 2 kids wanted to go to kinokuniya to buy some books. n so i as the part time nanny took them to the book store. she took quite awhile but it wasn't that long. because they had school that morning, As'ad( pronauce as asad) fell asleep on me.. haha.. cute lil guy.

yup, u can say that my legs was pretty numb.n i was in heels!! for God sake, my feet was killing me. i didn't know that she wanted to go to klcc after work. i would've brought a slipper along with me instead. then, we went to Chilli's for dinner. sorry i didn't get a change to take a picture coz we were too hungry n we just dig in. hehehe... but i did take a picture of the desert :D i dont remember what's it called though but i remember how good it was.. yum yumm~~ it's with double scoop ice cream on.
during dinner, i get to rest my feet for awhile. but then after dinner, we went down to that shop again where kak farah altered her dress. i was only sitting there keeping an eye on the boys n they were hipper! n seriously there were sooo funny! n i was laughing like crazy! they were playing around n saying "oley! oley!" n keep talking rubbish like "yo! yo! it is new year yo?" while playing tag n they were also laughing while falling here n there.. i sit there n laugh non stop. kak farah came n she said the 3 of us (me n kids) totally had a sugar rush.

u can tell that this is before the boys started playing coz i'm still normal at this stage.. haha

now i'm at the office n it's quite busy today. so i can't write more in details. i'll keep on writing if something fun in my life happens. see u soon readers. ;)

<3 Ja


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