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Happy new year!!

Monday, 2 January 2012
Hello there peeps!
yup, I'm finally done with the moving! jyeah!! now I'm staying with my lovely cousin, Kak Farah n working along with her at PfcE. It's in the Maju Holdings building which is situated near Sogo... now I'm in the office n this is my first day! n I'm pretty sure bored.. there's nothing for me to do yet n i juz got this laptop after i had my lunch. can u imagine?! i've been waiting at my table for someone to give me a job since this morning.. 

anyways, i've thought of uploading my new year celebration but i'm at work n i dont have d pictures. i'll talk about it soon ok?
today is my lovely mother's birthday n this is the 1st time i'm not there with her during her birthday! i missing her sooo much... :(
this morning i went for a jog around the neighbourhood so i went back n had a shampoo to get ready to go to work. as i was blowing my hair, i noticed that my left earring was gone! my mother gave me those earrings n i lost it on her birthday! ouch.. i quickly ran down n search for it. i searched inside out of the house n i was very scared at that time. because of a nature call, so i went to the toilet. thank God for it, i found the earring laying on the toilet floor! i was so reliefed n thanked God a million times. i cling them together n keep them in a bag. so today, i'm not wearing any earrings.

the face that is bored to death

ouh yeah, today is also a history for me coz i'm wearing high heels! i've never wear them before n now i do! kak farah bought it for me yesterday. 2 pairs of them from charles & keith. love them!! she also bought me a sport shoes to jog. a cute pink nike with blue details. thats from me for now.. c u again peeps.. i'll shall upload d pictures of those killing heels soon, k? til next time..

<3 Ja


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