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happy deewali!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011
starting from yesterday until this weekend is my school's holiday. yeay! but unfortunately, i got a fever yesterday's morning. still don't know how on earth i got it. my sister was working that day and i was left alone at home cause my mom was in terengganu. btw, my sister came back from cameron highland with her friend and bring back some lily and strawberries. loved them!

anyway, i could only lay in front of the tv by myself and watch tv. it was very hard for me to swallow and i end up finishing my breakfast in 40 minutes(fyi it was just a small bun with a size of 5cmx5cm). luckily my sister was coming back for lunch so i can have lunch too. she bought some dishes and i have to cook rice. i was very very tired and can hardly walk. all the effort i have was to press a button on the remote to change channel. though, i manage to pull it through. i had a nice lunch and took my medicine that my sister brought back and went straight to bed.

today i got better and i went celebrating deewali at Dar's house. very kind of her to be willingly to have me there. the food was nice and the decoration was nice too. she also makes me understands Indian's culture more. =) thanks Dar.

thanks to British, i have multiracial friends and learn more cultures. whatever race u r, or religion u r, it all drives us to become a good person and contains high moral values. all we need to do is to respect others' differences and accept that not all human r the same even though u r in the same religious or race. i love/hate a person for who she/he is, not her/his religion or race. that is how the way it should be, people. vanakam.

ouh i almost forgot. if it wasn't because of SPM reaching, i'll be following my sister and her friends to Beris to a grape farm. i don't even know there's a grape farm in malaysia! it's about 1 hour and a half from here. 

i just missed a great opportunity here! darn it. never mind, maybe my time haven't come yet. maybe i'll come here with my friends instead. that would be fun! haha.. one more thing to add on to 'to do list after SPM'.

<3 Ja 


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