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Jelly Beans Horror!

Thursday, 29 September 2011
Last night was all about pink. The Convent girls were in pink as if we were supporting Breast Cancer. haha... not only the convent girls, but including d motorcycle.
my pink best friend with her pink Icon. As she put it, the sexy owner n the sexy motor. (sexy as in very stylish, not THAT particular sexy)

And then, there are the others.....in pink... again.
in front is Hema and Moon, behind from left is 'Evil' Grace, Nicole, Ayee with her sexy Icon, Me and Dar happily in pink. :D

The class was going on normally until Dar takes out a box of Jelly Beans with multi-flavour. Nicole and Grace decided not to taste it, while me, Hanny, Hema and Ayee do it otherwise. Frankly speaking, MOST of them were HORRIBLE!! The four of us were just laughing while eating them. We keep on tasting other flavours and hoping that the next one won't be as worst as before. unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. The only flavour that we can't resist is the Cherry. 

from top left is Cherry, Milk, blueberry, pear, then to bottom form left is don't know what, another one I don't know, coconut, antibiotic(as hanny and i call it) and water melon. quoted from Hanny, 'demam, makan yang antibiotic tu'. quoted from me, 'sapa rasa tulang dia rapuh, makan yang susu tu'. this quotes makes us laugh like nuts.

The MOST HORRIBLE flavour which i advise never to taste is the Milk. this is the flavour that keeps the four of us laughing until the end of the tuition. who ever eat this will give that expression of discuss on her face, and that's what makes us laugh. Hanny even fill like puking. The other thing that keeps us laughing is the smell of your breath after u eat it. of course it smells milk! and it's disgusting! We intentionally speaks near to each other faces so that others can smell it. we did it among four of us of course, not to others. well, we bothered the whole class, alright. just by laugh none stop. 
This are the 'Lembu's' who breath smells milky. thinking of it even makes me fell like puking.
I got a headache just by eating this beans. i end up went back sleeping after dinner. I admit, it's the BEST Addmath class ever, thanks to Dar's Jelly Beans. hahaha...

<3 Ja


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