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Health Day Out

Friday, 23 September 2011
stadium held something to do with FAMA or MADA.....maybe(not sure who's actually involved). anyways, i had i lot of FUN! not until the part where i feel like fainting because of the super duper hot sun though.wanna know why it's fun? because there were A LOT  of CUTE BUNNIES!! I was going nuts there. super duper cute bunnies that i didn't know existed.
cute little thing!! it has a reddish pink oversize ears which makes it look even cuter!
at first, i thought it was a poodle or something. haha...
i wanted to buy a normal bunny for a long time ago. but my mom is not that animal-friendly type of woman. If my dad were here, he would've bought it for me. I WANT MY DADDY! :( n a bunny too.. hehe


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