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Saturday, 24 September 2011
hello people. I just got back from badminton. i won't call it a championship but I'll just call it a competition. It was suppose to be held at ASRC but we change the venue at the last minute because the courts was full. so we move on to KBA. KBA is usually used by Kedah players on saturdays. I went with my best friend, Yee on her motorcycle. went we reach there, all the Kedah players were jogging around the building for...don't know how many rounds but alot and i mean ALOT. we, the convent girls were just standing there looking around n waiting for the teacher to arrive. I seriously don't know where to put my face at. I've never played in a million years yet know have to play in front of the Kedah Players!! As Shi Chyn put it, it's really 'siasoi'. Anyways, we really enjoyed ourselves there playing a fool with each other. yeah, it was the last time for us as the seniors so we don't mind much.
this is AYEE a.k.a. the champion of today/president of badminton club/my bff in the action. Looks like a real pro right? What was missing was just a sponsored shirt.
Here she is again on the 2nd game with the teacher supervising behind.
Do you wanna know how do Kedah Payers practice looks like?! how did they look sooo scary to us?!
This is how they practice. fyi, ALL the white things that you're seeing are shuttle corks. every court has one bucket of shuttle cork just like on the bottom left of this picture. if only you could see it live, you will totally feel like swimming on the floor in the shuttle corks.
To make it is really really fair, we combine forces n work together.
after two games, some of us change clothes because of the of sweet + smell. while, the others were playing, two of the seniors decided to 'play' with their smelly n wet clothes. This was how the 'GAME' was played.
Disgustingly, they cover people's head with their wet clothes so others can smell it. most of the game was played by only the two of them and they only 'attack' each other. one work, DISGUSTING. it was funny to watch though, but not to smell.
Next was my game with Aza. I don't know how but i won the game. haha.. so yeah! :)
me jumping n trying to get the ball.
seriously, i don't know what on earth i was doing at this time.
and then, i spotted a harry potter in female version!
as ayee said, a ATM call her MISS tan soo cheat.
what i hope it that we all can do this again after the SPM. i will totally miss something like this. 



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