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prefect party 2011

Thursday, 22 September 2011
well, I was informed that it was held outdoor, a garden theme. it was nice and i had some fun with my friends. most of the time we only ate because we paid RM30. hehe... the whole table was full with food. grace was hesitating to get another plate of rice but all of us was like totally supporting her. though, some of the food is not that good. thus, the staffs didn't refill them until we ask for it. *shaking head left n right*. not good. Anyway, i got a prize for 'The Creative Senior'. it made me laugh though. hahaha.. i was also one of the lucky draw! that made the day actually.

1st picture: my best friend,Anis n me
2nd picture: me who anis said looked a lot like my mom for the first time ever
3rd picture: me outside the hotel
I also had fun with some of my juniors majorly with Irma n another girl that i couldn't recall her name. For sure, I'll miss my moment as a Librarian.


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