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Thursday, 6 October 2011
hey peps! sorry that i've been busy. well u know, SPM is just around the corner. within 1 month, i'll be facing my SPM. and of course, u won't b hearing from me then maybe for 2 months(1 month before exam + 1 month during exam). Take note that i'll finish my exam on 30th november.*WEEEE!!! and u'll be seeing me VERY OFTEN than :D

ok, i'll make it short for what i did this week.my mom cooked a Trifle or something... i'm not sure what it's called but i'm very sure that it tasted damn good. i can imagine u guys being mouth watering by seeing this.
it starts of with a swiss-rolled cake at the bottom, custard in d middle and a fruit punch jelly on top. heaven!
this is the 1st time she made it and it turns out very wonderful! don't ever imagine me doing this at the 1st time. it won't look this good.
then, she continue on with some beautiful jellies!
cute aren't they? :D

yesterday was another day to the dentist. change my color to electric blue which was very nice. before that, i had my lunch with mom at McDonald! hehehe... i tried the new Quoter Pounder with cheese and i LOVED it.
oh yea, i bought the large set with a cheese shaker for the fries and a chocolate milk shake. goddess!
i went back in pain, as usual. after i got home, the pain was forgotten completely! just a few minutes though. i got my 1st letter! i'm sure all the other got it too. hehe
actually, it wasn't that of a big deal. it's just that, it was the 1st letter from a college with my name on it, MINE! hehe... usually i only seen letters for dad, mom and my sis and bros. so, that was the 1st change i've seen for me that the sign an adulthood is coming. sound spooky right?

anyways, last night all of us wore brown. ayee brought a pizza for us. when she told us that, all of us were highly excited. when she took it out, all of us just laugh.
why wouldn't we? hahaha... a CUTE pizza. it's still a pizza. she didn't lied.
i haven't eat this since decades! i still remember me eating this in a form of a burger. :) sweet memories...
The besties r in brown people. love u!


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