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Saturday, 8 October 2011
today i woke up at 5.30 in d morning and was having a real bad stomach ache. i was rolling on bed til i can't take it anymore. so, i went to the toilet and did my business. but still, it was not 100% gone. thinking back to what i ate last night, i figure out something that could cause this unhappy stomach.
i am sure that it was caused by this drink. it's a sparkling drink from famous amos. i only drank it like a quoter of it. i really enjoyed it at first, but not until this morning. 

and then, i got ready for an answering techique for SPM held by INTI at sentosa. i took chemistry and bm. the program started at 9 but ayee decided that we go 1 hour earlier because the place will surely be fully booked by keat hwa peps. so me, ayee and wichitra went earlier and booked our place and went for breakfast together at a mamak's beside sentosa. :) enjoying! a nice roti canai with teh 'O' ice for each of us and most important, it's cheap! then comes along inani then Nicole.
Nicole and ayee at the mamak's

wichit and nani waiting for Nicole to finish her meal before going back to sentosa.

the first class was chemistry. wichit, nani, ayee and me took chemistry but Nicole took Biology. the teacher was nice, a lady teacher from keat hwa 2. the class was about 2 hours. after reaching an hour and a half, most of use couldn't sit still anymore.
yeah, i admit it that i'm bad at taking pictures like this.  i met Syasyi there, an old tuition friend of mine. it was nice of her to come and talk to me for a while. the air cond was SUPER cold. i don't know how ayee and wichit could stand it. they were just wearing short sleeves and i was wearing long sleeves. yet, i got colder then them. haha...

credit to Nani for a nicer picture. hehe...

Then it was BM class which was held on 7th floor. more comfortable place which has not too cold air cond. the teacher was from MRSM and gave some great advice. there were alot of convent girls there. Aloh was there together with Shu Fen, Soo cheat, Rou Ming and others from 5B class.
same with my row was nicole, chong, grace, Mel, ayee and me!
from left is chong, nicole, grace and mel.

ayee playing a fool on me.hehe...

after we finished, all of us decided to go lunch together-the huge group of us. so i went with soo cheat's car. riding together with us was Rou Ming and her friends. it was the first time i ride a car with soo cheat driving. it was only a 5 minutes drive so i can't really judge her driving. a lot of them went upstairs of the restaurant for Shu Fen's bf's B-day. but some of us who were kind enough to accompany me eat at the ground level because it's halal. the upper level it's not halal. THANKS GUYS! they are Nicole, Grace, Chong, Mel, Ayee and Soo Cheat. chong recommended me a dish and i loved it. 
i really did enjoy today. thanks guys who made my day beautiful today starting from this morning til now.

<3 Ja


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