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Karate Kidsss!

Friday, 14 October 2011
i went to the Karate-Do's sort of ending of year celebration. we ate a lot and the food was really nice. we only need to pay RM20 and was able to get 6 type of food with fruits and juices! isn't that great?! :D loved it.
anis-showing off her teeth, me and aainaa
This is us waiting for the other to arrive. The place was very conducive and i might say quite exclusive. 

and then the early birds with our sensei and teacher.
actually i still didn't get the idea why we took the picture 1st before eating... still wondering. oh well, we ate directly after this anyway.

me and aainaa happily taking our food. hehehe.... fyi, i didn't had my lunch and this event was around 2 to 2.30 o'clock. so don't judge me from the plate i'm holding. peace =)

excited with our food and ready to dig in! we are the hungry ghost. haha....
unfortunately sensei and the teacher can't stay long. and so both of us left our food halfway eaten and capture some valuable memories.

i was so proud when sensei said that i was the 'orang kuat' when i approached him. i'm totally going to go for his lessens again after SPM even though it is just for a few practice. it totally make me more fit plus in shape. karate totally made me braver as an individual.

then it is time for sensei to continue his job. with repect, we all bowed to sensei as a goodbye sign. this moment will surely be cherish.Just by looking back at this picture alone made me missed karate already. 

all of us continued eating after that. and then we took more picture. that's my second favourite part(fyi, 1st favourite part is eating)
yup, we are the powerful seniors. the people who you don't want to be messing around. hahaha... not that powerful actually. i enjoy over emphasis-ing.
unfortunately some of us couldn't turn up last minute. but that also means.......MORE FOOD FOR US! hahaha.. rawaida is pushing food down everyone's throats to make sure no food is wasted. of course she doesn't literally do it.

this is what happen when we got a lot of food but we can't eat them anymore. so as an alternative, we have to move around more so that the food in our stomach can process faster to enable us to eat more! brilliant isn't it?

me and yun a.k.a my photographer for school magazine, my boss in karate(as in treasurer and assistant), and my friend.

after all the laughter and talking and shuffling food down our throat, some great has it's end. some of us went back early. just a few remaining so we went outside to wait. but then we saw a tow-truck. farhani decided to take a pic  and i have to admit this is my MOST FAVOURITE picture of the day!
the evening sun was shining on me, with the wind blowing between my hair, it was PERFECT. loving every time i see this pic.

<3 Ja


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