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Thursday, 20 October 2011
last weekend i went to penang with mom and my sister for some shopping. we decided to go to Queensbay Mall instead because we went to gurney plaza last trip. and so we went to GAP, MNG and other shops yet bought nothing. went we entered Forever 21, the 3 of us just split up in second. i went to the earrings section. i spend like 20 minutes there just looking at earrings. at last, i picked one. a sort of feathery earring. i was looking for that kind of earring for awhile. i also bought a metallic purple belt to wear with a jean or even on top of a dress. love them!

i bought stuffs that are at rm15 cause i'll be surely get scolded by my mom if i buy too much or too expensive stuffs. but then i saw my mom shopping with a forever 21 shopping beg. it's the black beg where u can put all your stuffs that u wanna buy if u don't have enough hands to hold them. i was shock! she has never ever shop like this before. maybe she was so enthusiastic to buy clothes to go to Langkawi the next few weeks(golf competition stuffs) . 

seeing my mom like that, i started to shop more! hahaha... nice opportunity right? then i go search for more stuffs that i NEED like singlet and all that stuffs. i didn't even buy a nice dress or shirt cause that shop was too crowded with all those stuffs. i couldn't see a thing! then, i saw some cute socks. one of them was full with turtle. it was very cute! and most importantly, it reminds me of my best friend, ayee. so i bought it for her. cute! just like she is. =)

after all of us finished trying and all that, all of us go straight to the cashier cause we were also hungry. there was also a promotion that says rm199 purchase enable to get a watch. we didn't expect to get one. first to pay was me n my mom together. my sis pay later with her own money. my mom n i was about rm378. we just need to add rm20 to get 2 watches. so i took one of my sis's shirt to pay together. and so i picked the colour bieber purple and mom picked electric blue. then it was my sis's turn to pay. her's was rm198, which just rm1 more to get a watch of her own. but then i remembered that i'd gave her money to pay along with my cute socks and she didn't include them. luckily i saw it behind the cashier and makes her able to get a watch. btw, she took red.

then we went searching for a restaurant. my mom suggest that we ate at the food court, but luckily my sis objected. so we went to Dave's Deli! =) although on the way i get scolded by my mom for making her spend rm400(as she put it). but that was including hers! i only bought about rm105, which is far away from what she had spend on her's. anyways, i just do as i always do when that happens, make a cold,stone heart like i heard nothing. she always does that. putting her blame on me. so whatever right? back to the Dave's Deli. i wanted to order something else but it was not available so i ordered lasagna! add together with a nice choc ice drink, a total yum yum...

me and my sis happily eating. she ordered fetucini cabonara, as always.

it was the best dish ever. then we went to walk around but didn't buy anything....until we entered brands outlet. it was a buy 1 free 1 shirt! my mom took 3 and i took 1, the free one. hehe...
 i also bought an earring for my favourite teacher, Madam Chua. she always wear this sort of english style old school earrings and i love them! i always look forward to see her different colours of earrings everyday. when i saw this particular earring at Padini, i flash her face in front of my eyes. so i bought it for her. even though it cost me a fortune, but i don't mind. it's a once and awhile thing. i love her anyway. =) The best teacher, most fashionable, best personality and kindhearted person ever.

well, that was how my last weekend went. this weekend? not so much maybe... what ever happens, life is to be enjoyed every moment no matter what.

<3 Ja



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